The Death's Head Cockroach is large species growing up to 7cms. Though they are winged they do not fly, the wings are used primaraly in territorial and breeding displays. These guys are quick, and not as handleable as other species as their legs are quite prickly. 

Feeding: Fruit/veg left overs, cat biscuits occasionally.

Housing: Minimum tank size for a small colony would be 30x30x30. Juvenilles like to burrow so a deep substrate of at least 3inches is prefered.

Light/Heat/Humidity: No specific light is need, these guys are nocturnal. They do well in higher temps of 25-28 degrees which is achieved with a small heat mat. They like humidity too so a misting at least once a day is advised.

Death's Head Cockroach - Blaberus craniifer