The Headlight cockroach is really a delight to see. The males have two bright yellow 'headlights' on the protonum that gives them their name. This species is not really a 'hold and handle' species as its quite small at around 3cm. This is a ground dwelling species though they can be seen climbing if offered the option.
Feeding: Fruit, veg, cereal, cat biscuits.

Housing: As a much smaller species they can be housed in 20x20x20 - however they are a burrowing species so they need deep substrate, I recommend a minimum of 5-10 cm deep. They do enjoy a little climb so make sure they have something to clamber about on too.

Light/Temp/Humidity: Moist soil is a must so a really good misting once or twice a day is warranted. As a nocturnal species they don't nessecarily require additional light to thrive. A small heat mat should be used to allow them a decent heat.

Headlight Cockroach - Lucihormetica subcincta