Entomology is the study of insects, the most important order in the animal kingdom. Insects make up around 75% of all animal life on earth, they provide not only an important food source for other animals, but without them our plants could not thrive. They are natures pollinators, recyclers, corpse disposers and builders. With more understanding insects also play a vital role in solving crimes!


At the forefront of all insect studies is the farming industry. With pesticides and herbicides on the decline we are looking more and more to 'bio-control' - the use of insects to control crop infestations. 

Ento-prise Insects offers seminars, lectures and one off classes on Entomology and Ecology topics to all levels of education, from Primary up to University lecturing. I also offer talks to social groups or businesses. All lectures come with live and curated specimens for students to view.


I am Julia, the owner of Ento-prise Insects. I hold an FdSc and BSc in Animal Studies and an MSc in Entomology. 
I also hold an 'M.r.e.s' - a place in the Royal Entomological Society.
Based in Merseyside, UK Ento-Prise is situated on one of the most bio-diverse sites in the country for insects.

As a keen insect enthusiast I love to teach any and all about this amazing micro world. Rearing and caring for our six legged friends is a passion, along with creating works of art to forever display their beauty.