Talks are available to any local group within Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales. Prices start at £20, please use the contact form for a quote. 

Lectures can be tailored to your curriculum or any area of interest for local clubs of all ages including Brownies and Scouts etc.

Subjects from a general introduction to insects to more specific topics such as local conservation, British species etc.


I also provide live specimens and curated displays for no extra cost.

Live specimens include various cockroach species, stick insect species, leaf insect species and chafer beetles.

If you'd like to know more or book a talk please drop me a message via the contact page, or email me directly at:


Morris Minors Club Review:
What a fantastic talk, most members claimed it was one of the best talks we had ever had. Made very interesting by the specimens that people were able to hold, plus a short spell of cockroach wrangling! It’s obvious you are passionate about the subject and understand that trying to fix one thing will not work, everything is interconnected.

Thank you very much Reg Webster Secretary MMMOC

Sungaya inexpectata - Sunny Stick Insect
Phyllium giganteum - Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect
Gromphadorhina portentosa - Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Pachnoda sinuata - Fruit Chafer
Blaberus craniifer - Death's Head Cockroach
Lucihormetica subcincta - Headlight Cockroach
Eurycantha calcarata - Thorny Devil Stick Insect