Ethics and welfare are important to Ento-Prise

Where do the display/art specimens come from?


All moths, butterflies and other insects that are used in art works or educational curation are sourced from conservation programs around the world. The insects have all been bred in captivity, lived a natural life and died in their own time. If the bodies are in good condition I can buy them. This provides the conservationists a much needed source of extra funding. 


So it's all cruelty free?

Absolutely! No insect is ever taken from the wild. No insect is ever 'killed to order' - Every insect been born in captivity and has died naturally at the end of their life span. 


What about the live insects?

All my live specimens live right here with me in various terrariums nicknamed 'The Roach Motel'. I breed them myself and they have also all come from captive stock. As these are also much loved pets you can rest assured they are in species appropriate environments, fed a varied and high quality diet. They live a life of veritable luxury....